Selected Articles And Talks

1. About the Earth and human beings as family. One Earth, One Family

2. What is the difference between the brain and the mind? A short article from the Lancet about The brain and the mind

3. We can connect the dots involving the events in our lives only when we look back. This is a speech by Steve Jobs given to graduating students from Stanford University. How to live before you die

4. If you suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, insights from this article may help you. Advice on how to deal with excessive anxiety

5. Do you think your environment can affect your immune system through the feelings it evokes? Read a commentary in The Lancet about a book that explores this issue. Healthy spaces

6. This is a short poem by an unknown author about how a patient with Alzheimer's disease feels. If I have Alzheimer's disease

7. We often plan our activities according to the amount of money we have. Do we do the same by taking into consideration the amount of time we have left on earth? This is a thought-provoking extract of a book. An extract from the book "Charging the Human Battery"

8. The Internet is changing the way physicians practice medicine. Read about it in this article from the New England Journal of Medicine. Patients, Doctors and the Internet

9. If you wish to bring more joy into your life, watch this short movie.

10. Inspirational Quotes from Zig Zigler

11. Spoken word poetry. See the video below for the sheer pleasure of words rolling on you!

12. Everyone should smile more often! See this video

13. A Doctor's touch

14. A TED talk on how our tendency to connect with each other using our mobile devices can take away our ability to connect with each other as real people.

15. A useful article on Inner Peace

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