Tuberculosis Management
  1. What is usual way to confirm the diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis?
  2. How will you confirm the diagnosis is a patient suspected to have a tuberculous pleural effusion?
  3. How will you confirm the diagnosis in a patient suspected to have TB lymphadenitis?
  4. When will you suspect abdominal tuberculosis?
  5. What are the drugs used for the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis? For how long?
  6. Are there any differences in treatment of extra-pulmonary tuberculosis (as compared to pulmonary TB)?
  7. Are there any special considerations when treating patients who have both HIV infection and pulmonary tuberculosis?
  8. Is there a role for corticosteroids in the treatment of tuberculosis?
  9. When will you suspect drug resistant tuberculosis in a patient who is being treated for pulmonary tuberculosis?
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