Preview Of Renal Module


Item Topic Page
1 blood urea and blood urea nitrogen Page 1
2 blood urea and serum creatinine Page 2
3 blood urea: serum creatinine ratio Page 3
4 significance of serum creatinine Page 4


Item Topic Page
1 Does she have acute renal failure? Page 5
2 What is the cause of his elevated urea and creatinine? Page 6
3 Calcium and phosphorus in chronic renal failure Page 7
4 Do they have chronic kidney disease? Page 8
5 Does she need dialysis now? Page 9
6 Should an ACE inhibitor be prescribed here? Page 10


Item Topic Page
1 Anemia in patients with advanced renal failure Page 11
2 Prescribing statins for patients on maintenance dialysis Page 12
3 A clinical problem Page 13

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