Preview Of Diabetes Module

SECTION 1 : Basics

Topic Page
Diagnosis of diabetes Page 1
Diagnosis of impaired glucose tolerance Page 2
Initiating therapy for Type 2 diabetes Page 3
Initiating insulin for Type 2 diabetes Page 4
Initiating insulin for Type 1 diabetes Page 5
Managing diabetic ketoacidosis Page 6

SECTION 2 : Exercises in managing diabetes

The clinical problem Page
Can Metformin be continued? Page 7
Will you prescribe a Thiazolidinedione here? Page 8
Does this boy need insulin three times a day? Page 9
Does this woman need insulin three times a day? Page 10
Insulin infusion or subcutaneous sliding scale insulin? Page 11
A man with diabetes and normal fasting plasma glucose Page 12

SECTION 3 : An example of managing a patient with diabetes

Mr Allen, 48 years old, comes to the clinic for a medical check up. He feels well. His physical examination is normal except that he is overweight with a body mass index of 27. It comes as a surprise to him when he learns that his fasting plasma glucose and two-hour postprandial plasma glucose are both high. READ ON ....

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