Monday 5th March 2012

These will form part of the discussions for today.

1. This is from a question given to you in the recent Sem 9 examination.

A 62 year old woman with diabetes is scheduled for a colonoscopy. The night before the procedure she receives 10 units of Insulatard before dinner, which is half her usual evening dose of insulin. The fasting plasma glucose on the day of the procedure is 2.6mmol/L. She is asymptomatic. What is your comment?

2. Read this story and form an opinion.

3. A young woman with bronchial asthma has been on MDI Salbutamol prn only. She used to need it only once every three months or so and her bronchial asthma was classified as Intermittent Asthma and well controlled asthma. However recently, she has begun to need using the salbutamol inhaler more frequently - once in two weeks or so. Her doctor, recognising this deterioration in asthma, prescribes a LABA (long acting beat agonist) called Formoterol, telling her to use it twice a day. It is also a MDI. What do you think about the doctor's advice?

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