Basics of ECG Interpretation



  1. Calculate ventricular rate
  2. Calculate atrial rate
  3. What if the ventricular rate is more than the atrial rate?
  4. What if the atrial rate is more than the ventricular rate?


  1. Diagnosing sinus rhythm
  2. Diagnosing atrial premature beats
  3. Diagnosing ventricular premature beats
  4. Diagnosing supraventricular tachyarrythmias
  5. Diagnosing ventricular tachyarrhythmias
  6. What is an escape rhythm?
  7. Diagnosing sinus node dysfunction
  8. Diagnosing AV node dysfunction


  1. Normal cardiac axis
  2. Left axis deviation
  3. Right axis deviation

Hypertrophy and dilatation of chambers

  1. Right atrial enlargement
  2. Left atrial enlargement
  3. Right ventricular hypertrophy
  4. Left ventricular hypertrophy

Bundle branch block

  1. Right bundle branch block
  2. Left bundle branch block

Ischemia and Infarction

  1. T waves
  2. ST segment
  3. Q waves

ECG Library

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