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October 2014
1. Read and respond to questions on MedTutor Blog (open to all students in Semester 10)

2. Link to submit anecdotes from the medical ward

2. Issues to discuss in class…………

A doctor wrote the discharge diagnosis of a patient like this: Decompensated CCF secondary to non compliance to fluid restriction. What does this diagnosis tell us about the heart disease in the patient?

Analyse these discharge summaries of a patient

Read this article about treatment of heart disease. For discussion.

Read this article from the New England Journal of Medicine. For discussion on the value of social history in the practice of Medicine.

Intended learning outcomes for the reflective case reports in Internal Medicine (Portfolios)
1. To capture all relevant information from history and physical examination in the provisional diagnosis
2. To investigate the patient appropriately and to be able to interpret these investigations correctly
3. To write a working diagnosis that includes all relevant clinical and laboratory information
4. To communicate the patient's diagnosis, treatment and response to treatment in an appropriately written summary
5. To discuss the following issues related to the patient's illness: pathophysiology, treatment decisions and shared decision making between patient and doctor.

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