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How to write daily clinical notes

Conversations based on Journals

1. An account of a patient with abdominal pain (based on a report in the NEJM). Conversation 1

2. A clinical narrative of a patient with thrombocytopenia and anemia (based on a report from NEJM): Conversation 2

3. A study about a new drug for migraine. Statistical significance and clinical relevance. Conversation 3

4. The new hypertension guidelines Conversation 4

5. Acute pyelonephritis in adults Conversation 5

Conversations on portfolio-based clinical summaries

Summary 1 UA Summary 2 DKA Summary 3 COPD Summary 4 CCF
Summary 5 CCF Summary 6 COPD Summary 7 Tuberculosis Summary 8 Acute MI
Summary 9 Stroke Summary 10 Acute MI Summary 11 Acute MI Summary 12 COPD
Summary 13 DKA Summary 14 CCF Summary 15 Hemolytic anemia Summary 16 Cirrhosis liver
Summary 21 Lung CA Summary 22 For audit Understanding the Exercise Stress Test Full blood count

Discussion on clinical summaries

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