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Student Discussions: August 2016 to January 2017


Take ownership for all newly admitted patients in the wards. Review them every day and record daily notes. Write an appropriate summary with a diagnosis and a prescription when patients are discharged from the wards. Discuss with your supervisor these discharge summaries within 24 hours of the discharge.

Choose any patient that you have followed up from admission to discharge as the case for your portfolio. Discuss your chosen patient with me under these six headings: Introduction; The way patient presented; Provisional diagnosis; Working diagnosis; Discharge diagnosis; Discharge prescription.
Make sure you have with you all relevant clinical information in your blue sheets during this discussion.

Submit the first draft of your written reflective case report in the appropriate format to the IMU E-Learning portal before the end of the 3rd week of your posting. While only the headings of the learning issues are required for this first draft, all other sections must be complete. Please note: Written submissions must be after the face-to-face discussion mentioned earlier.

Submit online (in 300 words or less), “learning moments” if you have any, based on your ward experience by the end of the 4th week. These submissions must be in your own words.

Make a presentation at the end of the 4th week of not more than 5 minutes duration about your clinical experience in the wards. Two things are expected in this presentation: a statistical summary of your work and a message or insight based on it.

Dr Velayudhan Menon, MD
Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine
International Medical University, Malaysia

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